The Hon. Angela Williams is a 40 something Wife, Mother, God lover, Public Speaker, Blogger, Advocate for Women and a soon to be Author.  She is the CEO and Co-Founder of I Bought Her Freedom and Her Freedom Foundation and the Founder of Embrace Warwickshire (UK).

Angela has a diversity of experiences among the most wealthy and the most worldly and shares openly with you about her Faith, her life’s musings and words of wisdom. Helping you put life into perspective.

Her heart and passion to help disadvantaged women is the motivation behind her charitable work.

Her years of experience helping women in the sex industry find freedom from their addictions, has empowered Angela to find a solution that will break the cycle of destructive life choices.

Growing up in the UK in a life of privilege, and more recently gained the title ‘The Honorable’ as the Daughter of a Lord. Angela only knew a life of affluence and influence.  Not satisfied to just live comfortably she knew there was a much greater purpose for her life.

Compelled to experience what life was really like for those less fortunate and being led by her faith in God, she courageously ventured outside the walls of her secure upbringing and walked the streets of the Red Light District to rescue women from Prostitution.

For many years Angela befriended the women in her city of Coventry, UK.  She took food and supplies and an unconditional love they had never experienced before. She became well known amongst the women, yet they knew nothing of her privileged upbringing. They saw her as a friend who believed their future will be better than their past if they simply choose to see the beauty in themselves.

This five-year journey saw the formation of a Charity called Embrace with over 40 volunteers who weekly took to the streets to bring freedom and dignity to the women of Coventry.

Although Angela is now living in Australia, Embrace continues to thrive and is still changing lives today over 10 years on.

For many the thought of walking into such vulnerable environments is quite intimidating and there is one question that Angela has often been asked. “I want to help but can’t go, what can I possibly do?”  Determined to find an answer to this question Angela started I Bought Her Freedom, The Store with A Cause.  It empowers us all to set captives free without leaving the safety of our homes.

Angela’s passion and determination is contagious and with generational success in both business and charity in her DNA, she is determined to build a philanthropic legacy that will release those in captivity and pour finance back into the lives of women in need globally.


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